The fine, soft fiber we associate with expensive sweaters and scarves is the down undercoat of goats.
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The Eastern Cashmere Association is a non-profit corporation organized to provide education about cashmere goats and their fiber. Since 1992, Eastern Cashmere Association (ECA) has brought together breeders, fiber artists and others interested in these charming animals and the luxurious fiber they grow. Our newsletter “Hoofprints” is full of information, insights and inspiration.

ECA members share their knowledge and love of goats at agricultural fairs and fiber festivals. ECA also sponsors educational workshops on topics related to cashmere and cashmere goats. Check our calendar of events for dates and places to meet our goats and learn more about them.

The Eastern Cashmere Association invites you to join us and learn more about cashmere, the standard for luxury fibers, and the capricious animals who wear it originally.