Cashmere Goats

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Jana Dengler, Maryanne Reynolds
Stone Harvest Farm
60 Hardwick Road
Petersham, MA 01366
– Fine cashmere from fine lines
– Cashmere, Yak
– Poultry, Stone fruit
Pam HaendleHermit Pond Farm
10601 Merrill Rd.
W. Edmeston, NY 13485-3021
– Breeding does for sale
– Kids for sale
– Bucks for lease

Betsy MacIsaac

Crooked Fence Farm
37 Aplin Way
Putney, VT 05346
– Breeding stock for sale
– Bucks for lease
Jane Hammond
Spring Gate Farm
6675 Fredericksburg Rd.
Barboursville, VA 22923-2518
– Spring Gate Farm offers the finest Cashmere in skeins, roving, pelts and meat
– We also offer knitting workshops
– For sale are the finest Cashmere breeding stock and companion animals
– Visit our website for further info

Sister Mary Elizabeth, CSM
St. Mary’s on-the-Hill Cashmere
A Work of the Episcopal\Anglican Sisters of  St. Mary
St. Mary’s Convent
242 Cloister Way, Greenwich, NY 12834
518-692-3028 (convent landline); 518-791-4142 (farm cell)
— award winning breeding stock for sale
— bucks for lease
— cashmere yarn and roving; handspun wool and fibercrafts
— overnight accommodations as part of Benedictine-style guest house
Wendy Pieh
Springtide Cashmere
P.O. Box 203
Bremen, ME 04551-0203
Anne Repaske
Stoneycrest Farm
540 Paddy’s Cove Lane
Star Tannery, VA 22654
– Roving and yarn for sale
M. Louise Scott
The Leap
1003 Miller Farm Road
Staunton VA 24401
Sandra Borah
Graceful Gaits Farm
3809 Bethlehem Road
Springfield, TN 37172
– Spring kids for sale

Keimig Cashmere Grange
I have ten cashmere goats for sale; they are good dual-purpose fiber or meat goats. They are wethers and does; all does except one are at breeding age. Ages vary. Will sell individually or as a group. Please contact me for more information. Asking $200 for wethers and $300 for does. Price negotiable.


Telephone: 303-495-9600

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Jana Dengler – Treasurer
Stone Harvest Farm
60 Hardwick Road
Petersham, MA 01366